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~When Lilah releases her hold Beauty has every intention of making a hasty retreat back into the garbage piles of 7. She has never wanted to seek attention in this place and Lilah's scheme of strolling into a city populated by demons strikes her as being slightly mad. It is not an uncommon condition here and she thinks no worse of her for it but neither does she intend to subject herself to it. But even as she climbs to her feet, she finds herself launching her entire body at Lilah slamming into her and throwing them both over the edge. They roll and tumble and bump down the steep precipice and Beauty finds she has turned into a spitting, clawing, kicking creature who seems intent on inflicting as much trauma on herself and Lilah as she can manage. She is reviled by her own violent actions, calling out even as she inflicts the damage.~

I'm Sorry. ~A yank and she tosses away a fistful of hair.~ I beg your forgiveness. ~A shriek as she claws at Lilah's face.~

And Lilah is certainly fighting back. She can feel the skin bleeding, the bruises forming, one ankle is throbbing and her head is pounding. She finally falls back and to her surprise, realizes that Lilah has ceased as well.~

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Back off, you stupid cow!

*Lilah doesn't know what's come over the antique bimbo, but she finds herself clawing and kicking at the bitch almost as if it wasn't her idea; in fact, she ponders, it wasn't. She's no fighter, and while she's taller than the girl, she doesn't know that she's stronger.*

OWWW! FUCKING BITCH! *this as Beauty pulls out Lilah's hair. Lilah fights her initial response to be completely pissed off and tries to take a logical approach. She knows she herself doesn't usually resort to violence (she has someone else do it for her) and she doesn't think this is probably the Bimbo's style, either. Erego, this must be some Hell thing. So, Lilah tries to stop assaulting the twig, but finds she can't. What a pain in the ass.*

Get away from me, you idiot! We can't hurt each other if we can't reach each other!

Date: 2010-01-26 03:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] noshoesinhell8.livejournal.com
*Lilah is well aware she is at a decided disadvantage here. She's taller, (she wouldn't ever mention it but) she weighs more, and yet her body doesn't have the skill Beauty's does. She's fit enough, but she's never even thrown a solid punch in her life. So while Beauty's body rolls and tucks and strikes as it's been trained to, Lilah's body does its best to bitchslap and kick and claw, and is managing to do as much damage to Lilah herself as to the princess.*

This fucking BLOWS!


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