Mar. 17th, 2010

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~Progress is painfully slow. Beauty no longer stops to consider her utter lack of refinement or the suddenly non existent manners. The years of careful grooming have slipped away in two short weeks leaving a girl wanting for a trace of regal bearing. Her once well mannered curls are a tangled matted mane caked with mud and rotting vegetation. Her features have thickened, feet and hands losing their delicate look and elegant presence as well.

In the beginning, she was aware(always in retrospect)of speech or manner more becoming to a peasant than a princess. But the awareness has been slipping away and with it the disgust and shame of behaving more like an urchin then royalty.

Every few yards Beauty seems to find something to catch her attention. She wades through a reeking and stagnant pool heedless of her appearance or propriety. With a shriek she pounces on something and triumphantly pulls forth from the muck a hideous demonic frog like creature. She slogs back through the mire, hugging the creature close until she reaches Hal. She opens her mouth, stares hard at first Hal then the demon frog and shoving the creature in Hal's face says~ Kiss!


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