Mar. 24th, 2010

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~A once brilliant mind is reduced in a matter of days into its primordial components. At his death, Wesley was a hard-edged irony, a man devoted religiously to the righteous path who had fallen into bed with a decidedly Bad Girl, his bright soul darkened, left with bitter self repugnance and regret, and lots of anger. He set himself into a self destructive spiral that ended with drunken stupors and a knife in the gut. Yet before all that horror, before the betrayals on both sides, before so much loss and hurt, there was a young and ignorant Watcher; and even before that, there was a cringing and desperate son who wanted nothing more to prove himself in the eyes of his father.

Primitive Wesley is imbued with these innate traits. No sophisticated training, no education. But he does retain his experiences, albeit seen through the mind of a neanderthal.

Snape had managed to drag Wesley out from the mire, and now Wesley, younger and desperate to prove his worth to this man, follows him around like a sychophant. A demony snake hisses in Snape's path, Wesley wrings the life from it with his hands so his better may proceed. A demony leech sucks onto Snape's shin, Wesley bites it in two and removes the remaining offending bit. It's a little like having the loyalty of a puppy some big bully used to beat. Wesley lives to serve the Alpha.~


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