Mar. 4th, 2010

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~ In some ways, their motley foursome of travelers have a lot in common - three out of the four, in fact, have the same Mark on their forearms. If being apart of the same criminal organisation and working together for genocide isn't a uniting factor, nothing is. However, their former membership to the Death Eater party most certainly does not guarantee the same motivations for being there in the first place, nor does it guarantee they all left for the same reasons. Not at all.
Tension is high as the terror of being a bamboo planter fades into the past. The three ex-Hogwarts students might share the same brand on their flesh, might come from the same school and the same House no less, but apparently much between Barty and Snape has happened from the time Regulus was alive and now, and he isn't entirely sure how to act because of this.

Snape, Wesley, Barty, and Regulus have all remained camped out in the many twisting tunnels of Four to prune their shoots together in the dim until they stopped growing back. Now, with the threat of new plantlife subsiding, Regulus sits on the least pointed rock he can find and worries that Snape and Wesley's generous aid will not do anything to dissuade Barty's notorious need for revenge. ~


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