Feb. 19th, 2010

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~Hal had asked Lilah what she was doing, and she had forced a flippant "nothing at all, handsome, just keep walking," but the truth was she was just a bit shaken at that particular moment. Things didn't really get any better as the three came into Town Proper. Lilah didn't know what she expected but the rows and rows of buildings so similar and featureless as to be as dizzying as the maze of Bulls was so NOT IT. She forced on through the streets with her two companions, dodging into alleys as demons passed them in the streets and peering into window after window, seeing way too many things inside they really hadn't wanted to ever see in their lives or their afterlives. Becoming frustrated, Lilah pushed the other two on, becoming more and more reckless in her desperation until her perserverence paid off. Finally, Lilah found what seemed to be a library. It was obvious the demons didn't use the library very often; in fact, it didn't appear there was anyone who even worked there, which seemed like a wonderful stroke of luck until they made it inside.~

What the HOLY FUCK?! ~Lilah stares about her, doubled over as a wave of pain like her frustration made physical makes her gasp.~ WHAT THE FUCK?! WHERE ARE THE BOOKS?!

~It's true. The space they're faced with appears to be a cavernous library, complete with tables, bookshelves, card catalogues, and devoid of the one thing which defines a library. Nor is there any sign of computers. She rushes to the card catalogue only to find it is empty of all but several rats who leap at her face. She screams and throws herself back, then sinks sobbing to the floor. She's momentarily completely at a loss.~
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~It's with a groan that he slumps into the marsh of Level Five, arms folded over his middle. He's just felt something burst, and it's a horrible sensation. He can picture it in his mind- a membrane, veins bulging around it, suddenly expanding like a balloon grasped in the middle and exploding with mucus to line his insides. He curses his own ever-colourful imagination. That's probably not even what's happened; everyone extrapolates their problems. He's probably pulled something, is all.

Still, he's starting to hope for some company that doesn't come from those drowning nearby. He's never wanted a nurse before, but now he'd love a nubile young male nurse to fawn over him. Some palm leaves, maybe a glass of good wine. While he's at it, he'd like a long warm bath and a fluffy dressing-gown too.

A large tentacle rears up from the depths a few feet from him and it's with an unbecoming yelp that he jumps up and legs it to higher ground.~

Pain, pain, pain, ow.

~He limps to the top of a small hill and uses the vantage point to survey his surroundings, really hoping for that nurse to show up.~


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