Feb. 14th, 2010

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~The mucus secreting monster is wholly dedicated to its pursuit of the unfortunate shades in the narrow tunnel. Snape says he knows one of them, a Mr. Barty Crouch Jr., whom he claims to be not worth liberating. But it's clear this Crouch has a companion, and there's no telling what sort of person he or she might be. Wesley and Snape can't hear the other shade, they just assume Barty's not just talking to himself.

At any rate, judging by Snape's assessment of Barty's character, Wesley can't be certain that Snape's not the slightest bit prejudiced regarding this man. Was he a student of Snape's? What sort of relationship did they have? It's possible that Barty might indeed be deserving of some punishment, but does he deserve what he's receiving in Hell? And Wesley can't stomach the idea of abandoning the other shade about whom they know nothing. He or she could be anyone...

Wesley takes Snape's pickaxe firmly in his left hand, his own in his right, and gives Snape a determined nod. When he was alive, Wesley had slain a demon of this species, but only with Angel's and Gunn's assistance. He didn't really need to slay it here, simply distract it long enough to enable Snape to remove the others to relative safety. He draws in a long, slow, calming breath, shuts his eyes, and focuses his energies. He'd give anything for a high powered cross bow instead of two rusty pickaxes. Actually, he'd really love a high powered rifle. But this is Hell, and one must always be able to work with what's at hand. He checks Snape's position and exhales, slowly, releasing all tension, fear, and self preservation. Here goes, he thinks, and with all his might, he hurls himself at the rear of the putrid demon, sinking both picks deep into its rubbery, viscous hide, and is slightly disgusted by the squelch as he attempts to draw them back out, before his hands are claimed by the beast's body. The corrosive ooze sizzles his flesh and he curses, screaming a challenge to the beast.~ Don't be such a coward! Come out and defend yourself, or I'll open you up to the worms!


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