Feb. 9th, 2010

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~Beauty had had enough. When the horror of the violence had given way to the helplessness of relearning the simplest motor skills she had been to shocked, to overwhelmed for any defiance of Lilah's tirade. Their journey into Dis had been anything but companionable with Lilah dragging her relentlessly and with increasing speed.

Now at last they halt and Beauty takes a moment to look around them. What she sees fills her with dismay. The two women stand surrounded by giant brass bulls whose fierce countenances seem to glare malevolently from all directions. The bulls are set so that they form a labrynth, a foul smelling, horrific maze intended to keep one crazed and disoriented if they should happen to escape their own personal bull. There is no end of the great metal creatures in sight, they loom on all sides like a giant forest of grotesque sculpture. A crawling feeling tickles the pit of Beauty's stomach, centuries in this place still has not left her immune. A sudden blast of heat is given off by a group of the bulls followed by shrieks and stench as the occupants are incinerated for who knows what time.~

We have to get out. If we stay to long we will be discovered and if that happens... This is your scheme Lilah ~the name comes unfamilarly off her tounge it has a base sound to it~ Where do we go and what do we do?


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