Feb. 8th, 2010

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~Crawling, then toddling, and finally walking upright through the tunnels of Four was a bit like learning to walk through a minefield of body parts and sharp toothed rocks... well, actually, it was exactly like that. Wesley was imminently relieved not only to be in complete control of himself once more, but also to be over the embarrassing impediment of the self-inflicted concussion. He hopes he didn't say anything too incriminating to Snape.

Once he's feeling clear headed, he does halt their progress in a nicely open grotto in the tunnels and introduces Snape to some rudimentaries of self defence. He finds Snape an apt pupil, and if he doesn't exactly have time to develop much in the way of form, he is a quick study and easily grasps the basics. At least he'll know how to protect himself from most physical attacks, even if he can't yet fend them off. Wesley can't help but slide into Watcher mode as he instructs, and Snape can see familiar instructional qualilties in Wesley's teaching style. Wesley's a strict perfectionist and is quick to admonish if Snape doesn't achieve a pose or posture just so in a "suitable" time. It is during one such correction, Wesley bent over Snape adjusting the wizard's defensive crouch to best deflect an opponent's aerial assault, when shades of various stages of morbid come pouring into the grotto, pickaxes over their shoulders and lunchpails in their hands. Their mining helmets' light momentarily blinds Snape and Wesley, but Wesley doesn't need to see to know they are accompanied by their supervisor, a demon Wesley can easily identify by it's distinctive odor. He knows they're in trouble.

It isn't long before the demon has both of them in a chain gang, picking away at the bleeding walls of the tunnel. The demon's corrosive mucous membrane still strings their skin where he touched them, but Wesley tells Snape that they won't be there long.~

I have a plan.


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