Feb. 3rd, 2010

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~ Something shrieks through the sticky bogs of Five. It almost sounds like a bird or something more reptilian but it could be anything, really, or anyone. It's quite hard to tell one noise from the other in here. Sounds carry strangely over the water and through the gnarled trees, becoming directionally ambiguous and all the more eerie.
As the cry dies down there is mostly silence apart from some small native creatures slipping at the edge of a pit of filthy water not far off. Away from the agitated splashing of angry shades that can be found in the deeper waters of the swamp, this expanse of mud and tree roots oozes through forever fairly quietly when left undisturbed. That's why the noise stands out when it happens. The little creatures lift their jelly-like heads when they hear it, a slow sucking noise from somewhere deep. Something is moving under the mud.

When the hand claws it's way up, the creatures scatter. It's every man for himself in Hell, even if you're a jelly creature. The hand scrapes at the surface with sluggish, jerking, oxygen-deprived movements. It seems to take ages until finally what the hand is attached to unearths itself like something out of a horror film to claw for air at where it's face should be. It is coated in slick green-brown mud from head to toe, and from all the muck it's near impossible to see the boy underneath. Birthed from his self-dug grave, this gasping monstrosity that calls himself Regulus surveys the area around him... then promptly begins retching up sick, slimy earth. ~


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