Jan. 31st, 2010

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~If the pen really were mightier than the sword, then Lilah figures she wouldn't be at such a disadvantage in this ridiculous place. She has a sharp way with words, but hand to hand combat? They pretty much skipped over that part in law school. She figures she's screwed, cause this twig in princess clothing definitely knows something about fighting, and while they're not in control of their actions, her body has that motor memory thing going for it, and Lilah's only knows the nail and bite and kick tactic. But when Lilah's frantic clawing becomes cringing, cowering defense, she realizes immediately that she's gaining back some self control. And as wonderful a revelation as that is, it also leaves her wondering why it takes her so long to articulate it to the Punching Princess. Maybe it's the head trauma.

Lilah sees Toothpick is recovering, too, and tries to grab at her wrist before the little coward takes off, but while her hand reaches out, it's slow and her fingers feel fat and uncoordinated. What, did Her Royal Bitch screw up a nerve or two dishing out someone else's dirty work?~

Hey, Pollyana, we need to freshen up. Two ladies like you and me can't go walking anywhere looking like this. Come with me down to the city; we can use those lumbering furnaces as mirrors. C'mon.


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