Jan. 13th, 2010

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~Snape regains consciousness very slowly; he's not sure if he'd died or just suffered enough head trauma to knock him out, but decides it doesn't matter. He hurts all over, and he's sure there are a lot of broken bones, but at least no one is trying to eat him. He knows there's something he needs to do, but he can't remember what it is. Very slowly and painfully, he drags himself over to the cliff's edge and huddles miserably against the rocks.

He remembers how his body practically threw itself off the cliff; even now, his limbs are twitching as if trying to jump again, but he's not sure if that's a matter of rebellion or of involuntary reactions to pain. And he still needs to do something, though he has no idea how he's to do it in his condition, should he remember what it is.

He tries to think harder and is rewarded with a foggy image. Yes, he remembers now. He ought to find Wesley. He tries to lift his head to look around but the pain and dizziness is terrible, and his neck doesn't seem to want to do its job. His jaw is broken and hangs limply; he can't form any words, even if he could get his lungs to force enough air from him to yell. He groans softly and collapses, hoping Wesley isn't too far away.~


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