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~ Becoming distinctly more and more like a primeval primate would be a tremendously shocking and horrifying experience for prim and aristocratic Regulus, so it's probably very lucky indeed that he is past the point of being able to conceptualise what is happening to him. Regulus' once thin and delicate face has undergone tremendous changes, his hair has become a ratted black nest with the only thing stopping it from begin an wild and windblown mess being his perpetual sodden state thanks to coming from Five. Still, even with his new primitive features he is rather a sorry excuse for ancient man. Hell is a hard world to survive in but unfortunately for Regulus where survival of the fittest used to include a ready mind, now his only tool has been taken away from him and left him with nothing but a skull too heavy for his body. He is, in essence, the runt of the cave.

The only thing that perhaps saves him from reaching the temporary comatose state of 'death' every two minutes is his natural propensity for anxiety which seems to have survived the major evolutionary overhaul the rest of him has been through. It is this weakest of the herd paranoia that makes him just a little more observant, and fear can really save your skin. He may be what he had once gawked and wrinkled his nose at in history books when he was alive, but his instinct is still intact and the instincts of Regulus involve quite a bit of alarm.

Trudging across the vast expanse of Three, his alarm is in full swing the entire time. With every step through the acidic mudflats his feet burn and, without the ability to reason, the only thing Regulus knows is the ground hurts him. But what can he do? There is no means of escape, just mud going on forever. His moan of pain is more animal and honest than any sound he made when he was alive and it carries across the mud as he staggers on not knowing any way to make it stop. ~

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*Barty is taking the mud considerably less gracefully, unable to vent his frustration, he scopes it up and slings it about, hollering - his aim has seemingly devolved as well, judging by the amount that ends as a wet slap against Reg's spine*


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