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~ One could call the denizens of Hell's new look 'brutish', but that would require a decent vocabulary and that is one of the evolutionary luxuries that has flown out the window - along ago along with the idea of mind over matter. Instinct is an important part of survival here in the underworld but now it seems to have completely obscured intelligence, forcing everyone to operate on their gut reactions to things and left them incapable of any real higher reasoning. From the former geniuses to those who were always rather dim, no one has been spared and everyone has become a broad-faced, dimwitted evolutionary prototype version of their former selves.

This bizarre de-evolution of the human species began with the accentuation of the brow but over time has flared into full-fledged troglodyte looks and behaviors. With these newly heavy jaws and brows, with these shrunken more basic brains, with this new herd-mentality fully taken over, Hell becomes as difficult to navigate as the old world on Earth was to man's ancestors. However though that old world was no doubt difficult, at least they didn't have to face the challenges of nine different levels of hardship. ~


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