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You know, Lilah Morgan, sometimes you're a real idiot.

~Still shedding leaves like dead skin flaking from her flesh, Lilah trudges on and on through the maze of the Bulls, following the instructions she bartered from her former coworker just before he re-ignited in his brazier. One thing you can say about W & H employees, they are predictable. The promise of escape from Hell was more than enough to prompt him to "share" some info he'd been able to glean while being imprisoned in Dis for so long. He coughed up directions to Dis' municipal hall, and Lilah promised she'd argue his case as well. As if. He was never anything to speak of in the courtroom; of course he wants Lilah's help. But Lilah only helps Lilah, and now that the damned stir fry isn't poking through her skin, she feels she can really start to make some progress...

Until she realizes with a start that she's no longer on Level 6. She turns to glower at the shiny Bulls now crowding in to prevent her return, and stamps her foot in the inch deep mucky water standing on the surface of the ground as a mosquito tries to taste her.~

This is just wonderful, ~she bemoans.~ Well, at least I may not be the worst smelling thing for miles around. ~But she kinda wishes she had someone there to appreciate it.~


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