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~Beauty had almost time to reflect on how gallant a knight Hal was in tending to her before the next wave of horrid stabbing pains had taken them both. She had taken the next opportunity to suggest that they leave while they still could.

Now they sit in a dark recess of the outermost building in the city. She is completely exhausted from the now relentless pain, knowing he must be the same and she has never missed the comforting touch of her mother so clearly as now. She turns to Hal and opening her mouth to speak gives instead a piercing scream which reverberates off of each bull and building. The cause of the scream is evident as small green shoots erupt from her midsection, chest and even her open throat. The scream is replaced by choking and gagging as with a desperation that none have been witness to before she grabs hold of the quickly growing stalk and tears it from her throat. The screaming is back, along with a spattering of blood. She looks to Hal, knowing what she will see but hoping with that small glimmer of optimism she still clings to that he may somehow have escaped the worst of the punishment.~

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*He is tearing shoots out of his arms, legs and midsection as the bamboo rips through his skin- more afraid than he's ever been before, and desperately wants to go home. But he's far too proud to make a sound more than an involuntary grunt.*

Maybe... *He's panting.* We can cure this somehow.

*He's not been here long enough to understand the monthly torments, and he's used to fixing all of his troubles. Not only this, but he can't bear seeing someone like Beauty scream- if he had his way she'd be with him on his racing yacht in the Hawaiian islands.*

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*Hearing her speak terrifies him- the prospect of enduring her suffering is almost worse than actually going through it. His own shoots are starting to break the skin along his arms and legs, and he brushes them away every few minutes.*

Oh, I highly doubt that. Come here... *He's keeping calm- used to dealing with injured people, though not with being so injured himself. He guides her to a recovery position, trying to make her as comfortable as possible without aggravating her injuries. In this position he stops her from putting pressure on her throat and internal organs- anywhere that might be further choking her. Even if he has encountered the dying-and-rebirth cycle in Hell, the old habit of staving off death is hard to kill.*

*It's with a horrible choking sound- he's too shocked to yell- that he feels a stalk puncture what could be his liver. His arms fold around his waist and he waits, blind with pain, for the inevitable. Taking his mind off of it is impossible. He can feel it pushing as it grows.*


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